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About Me

Rupak Ganguly

I am Rupak Ganguly and I live in the Greater Atlanta area of Georgia with my lovely wife and two kids. I work for a large computer firm at their Cloud Services, Developer Experience team. I mostly work in web and mobile development using Ruby, Rails and other opensource technologies. In the past, I have worked with .NET technologies, building enterprise-wide eCommerce web applications.
I am the founder of Webintellix, a web application development shop that designs, builds and hosts Rails and .NET based web applications. I am also the Managing Editor for Rails Magazine.
I have been working since 1992, and you can take a peek at my work experience. I co-authored a book on ASP.NET Custom Controls in 2002. After falling in love with Ruby on Rails in 2005, I have since used it in many projects for my clients. I believe in simple and effective design. When I am not coding, I am tinkering with some gadget, blogging about .NET technologies or sharing my Ruby and Rails knowledge, reading or having fun with my family. You can subscribe to my blogs or you can follow me or Webintellix on Twitter.

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