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Nov 2 / Rupak Ganguly

Rails Magazine Issue #7 released

Rails Magazine Issue #7

Rails Magazine Issue #7

We are happy to bring you the Issue #7, 2010 of Rails Magazine. We are trying our best to fall into a regular publishing schedule. In this edition, we have a very nice collection of articles. I am also very happy to have penned down the editorial for this edition.

In the 28-pages of full color, we bring you the following:

  • Editorial by Rupak Ganguly
  • An Overview of Refinery – a Rails CMS by David Jones
  • Converting A Rails Site to Refinery CMS by Christopher W. Lehman
  • Auditing plugin by Mihai Târnovan and Gabriel Târnovan
  • Hobo – Making Application Development on Rails Even Faster by Dave Reynolds
  • Installing Ruby on Rails on Windows by Victor Thiago
  • Simple Unobtrusive Ruby/Rails Debugging by Stephen Rycyk
  • A Well Kept Secret, Ruby and Cryptography by Richard Penwell

The digital edition (PDF) is available for free at You can also grab a printed copy available in US, UK and Canada (7.60 USD + shipping).

Download the free digital edition of Rails Magazine Issue #7.

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