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Jun 29 / Rupak Ganguly

Rails Magazine Issue #6 released

Rails Magazine Issue #6

Rails Magazine Issue #6

I am very happy to announce the release of the Rails Magazine Issue #6. It took us a while to get this issue out but it is better late than never. We improved a lot on the backend side and revamped into a new automated publishing system. This will in future enable us to streamline the author submission, editing and publishing process. Olimpiu and Raluca Metiu, the husband/wife combo, worked very hard to get the new publishing system up.

In this beautiful 36-pages full color issue you will find some very in-depth articles and a couple of nice interviews. The issue consists of the following:

  • Beautifying Your Markup With Haml and Sass by Ethan Gunderson
  • Scaling Rails by Gonçalo Silva
  • Interview with Sarah Allen by Rupak Ganguly
  • Data Extraction with Hpricot by Jonas Alves
  • Deployment with Capistrano by Omar Meeky
  • Fake Data – The Secret of Great Testing by Robert Hall
  • RubyConf India 2010 coverage by Judy Das
  • Previous and Next Buttons by James Schorr
  • RVM – The Ruby Version Manager by Markus Dreier
  • Interview with Michael Day of Prince XML by Olimpiu Metiu

The digital edition (PDF) is available for free at You can also grab a printed copy  available in US, UK and Canada (8.80 USD + shipping).

Download the free digital edition of Rails Magazine Issue #6.

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