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Dec 28 / Rupak Ganguly

Rails Magazine releases free Issue #5 digital edition

railsmagazine-cover5 Themed in beautiful Winter art and pictures, Rails Magazine released their Issue #5 free digital edition to the whole Ruby and Rails community worldwide.

It is the largest issue since we started, with a whopping 65 pages in full-color, of excellent articles from various authors covering various topics.

It is a Holiday gift from Rails Magazine to all of the Ruby and Rails enthusiasts. You can download the print edition from here.

This issue covers various topics and builds upon earlier articles in the series. The following is a synopsis of the material available in this issue:

  • Authentication with Gigya by Curtis Jennings Schofield
  • Background Processing in Rails by Erik Andrejko
  • On Your Rails (and Ruby) Education by Bob Martens
  • Sinatra: Fast Web Application in Ruby by Carlo Pecchia
  • Sprockets by Starr Horne
  • Adding Pre-made Extensions to Radiant CMS by Casper Fabricius
  • Protecting Your Application From Impostors by Gavin Morrice
  • Geography division select tag by Satish Kota
  • RailsBridge: Rebooting the Rails Community by Mike Gunderloy
  • Prince: Powerful PDF Generation by Michael Bleigh
  • Ruby C Extension Development by Claudio Fiorini
  • Using the Twitter API with Ruby by Brian Rivard
  • Continuous Integration Tools in Rails by Saurabh Bhatia
  • Active Scaffold by Payal Gupta
  • Implement a Full Text Search Engine with Xapian by Amit Mathur

Keeping up with the spirit, we are trying to get the schedule for the magazine a bit more predictable. We are hoping we can get out 6 issues or even 12 issues for the coming year. Time will tell. But, whatever the schedule is or however many issues we can release, we will surely make sure we get quality content over to our readers.

We welcome new authors to write for us. Please contact me (rupak /dot/ ganguly /at/ railsmagazine /dot/ com) or Olimpiu Metiu (editor /at/  railsmagazine /dot/ com for details. You can also visit the official website for Rails Magazine.

If you have any feedback, please do write to us or participate in the survey to tells us what you want to read.


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  1. Chris Comella / Jan 2 2010

    Interesting blog and PDF. Would be better if it was available on the web as HTML (instead of PDF download).

  2. Rupak Ganguly / Jan 2 2010

    Chris, thanks a lot. As a Rails Magazine editor, I would be interested to know why you think having the magazine in Html would help. By the way, we also do have the magazine in print form. Any feedback is welcome.

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