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Jun 20 / Rupak Ganguly

Rails Magazine releases print edition of Issue #3

railsmagazine-cover3 The print edition of Rails Magazine Issue #3 was released today. The free online digital version is soon to follow in a week. You can buy the print edition now. I am very proud to have done three interviews with big names in the Rails world: Carl Mercier, Ilya Grigorik and Ryan Singer. Apart from the interviews this issue is a big one. It has illustrations by DHH. It is packed with nice articles:

  • Create a code snippet app
  • Working on a typical Open Source Rails project
  • Theme Support
  • Observer and Singleton design patterns
  • JRuby monitoring with JMX
  • Ruby Web Frameworks: A Dive into Waves
  • How to Implement Automated Testing
  • Ruby on Rails & Flex
  • Workflow solutions with AASM

Please check back our site for our next regular edition – coming soon!

It was great fun to work on this issue. Let me know in the comments if you liked it. It helps us to bring you stuff that you like.

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