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May 24 / Rupak Ganguly

Issue with starting Aptana RadRails in debug mode

Recently, Tom Henner emailed me and seeked help with issues with Aptana Radrails. The issue was when a Mongrel based server was started in debug enabled, the following error thrown:

An internal error occurred during: "Starting server"

and error stack in Aptana log file:


Well, we started with inspecting the debugger related gems i.e. ruby-debug, ruby-debug-ide and ruby-debug-base. We then updated Aptana and other associated components. That did not cut it.

Finally, a quick google search revealed a thread on the Aptana forums, that discussed the fact that one of the installed plugins org.kxml2_2.1.5.jar can get corrupted. The corrupted file is 25KB, whereas the good file is 46KB in size. The forum had posted a link to the correct file that could be downloaded from here and copied to the Aptana\plugins folder and it would fix the issue. The only problem was that the link was not working and giving a 502 proxy error. Well, the good thing was that I use Aptana and I did not have the issue Tom was having and so we guessed that I should have the correct file. We gave it a shot and it worked. So much for that bug.

So for the other people with the similar issue, I am sharing the org.kxml2_2.1.5.jar file for download. If you find my post useful, please comment and subscribe to my blog.

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