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Mar 30 / Rupak Ganguly

Aptana releases RadRails 1.0

I had in a previous post talked about different IDEs for Rails development and covered RadRails, a plug-in for the Aptana editor. Recently, the RadRails plug-in saw a very welcome update which includes new features for Ruby, more support for refactoring and profiling (only in PRO edition) and Rails Shell. See a screencast about Rails Shell.

So RadRails 1.0 can profile Ruby code and show a call graph in a GUI and the profiler is a wrap around the ruby-prof gem. The Refactoring feature includes Rename, Convert Local Variable to field, Encapsulate Field, Extract Method, Extract Constant, Inline Class, Inline Local, Variable, Inline Method, Merge Class Parts (internal to file and external), Move Field, Move Method, Push Down Method, Pull Up Method, Split Local Variable.

I am glad I picked Aptana RadRails as my IDE for my RoR development.

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