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Dec 5 / Rupak Ganguly

Rails IDE on Windows

I have used the command-line and notepad when I started in 2002, but soon my addiction to IDEs like Visual Studio, made me crave for an IDE for Rails development. Soon. I somehow never used the SciTE editor that was installed by default with Rails. I soon discovered RadRails and Ruby in Steel for Windows. Now, a slew of other IDEs have cropped up namely, Aptana RadRails, NetBeans, jEdit (alongwith RubyPlugin) and Idea. See comparison at The Nameless One blog.

I have been using RadRails 0.7.2 (the standalone version) for a long time now, but decided to give Aptana RadRails a try due to the integrated debugger support it provides over the standalone version.

Initial Reactions:

1. Install was smooth and easy.

2. Connecting projects to SVN was not intuitive but went without issues. See How-to (coming soon).

3. Creating a dummy project to see everything is OK and ready to go was simple.

4. Importing all my Rails projects into Aptana workspace was easy.

5. Great debugging support with very nice Perspectives views.

Overall Aptana RadRails is a great IDE, although it is heavy and takes time to load.

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